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  • Garden Quartz Tower

Garden Quartz Tower

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Garden quartz tower weighs 39g
1.4in tall
1.2in wide

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Included Quartz

  • There are many different kinds of minerals found included in Quartz. Some of the most common are hematite, tourmaline, copper, iron and chlorite. Included Quartz holds the energy of collaboration and unity. It has all the properties of Quartz, plus, the energetic properties of the minerals included inside are amplified. 

Clear Quartz:

    • Chakras: All
    • Element: Storm
    • Zodiac: All
    • Numerical Vibration: 4
    • * Master Crystal * Mental Clarity & Focus * Supports Healing of All Kinds * Amplifies Energies * Vibration of Spirit * Balancing Energy * Manifestation * Connection to Divine Light * Spiritual Transformation * Strengthens intuition * 
    • Crystal Quartz is known as a master crystal because of its wide range of abilities combined with its powerful vibrational energy. Its key properties are amplification, programmability, and memory. Its crystalline structure allows it to be programmed with specific energies and  intentions which makes it very useful for manifestation. Crystal quartz can also be used to amplify other crystals and is very useful in magnifying the energies of crystal grids. It is a recorder of Earth’s history and connects us to her ancient knowledge and wisdom. It can help one access memories from past lives, past civilizations and beyond. It is a multidimensional stone of light that can transmit frequencies of other realms into our physical world. Meditating with it, carrying it or wearing it brings one a heightened sense of spiritual awareness and consciousness expansion. It connects one to Divine guidance from the higher self and spirit guides. Crystal quartz can also open doorways for interdimensional travel, enhance dream work and amplify meditative states. It holds light codes of information that can be accessed through meditation, crystal gazing and sleeping with it. Crystal quartz resonates with all the chakras, unblocking, clearing, energizing, and balancing them. It is a powerful, transformational, healing tool for all beings. When crystal quartz is milky or cloudy it resonates deeply with Divine Feminine energy.
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