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  • Scarlet Temple Lemurian Quartz Point
  • Scarlet Temple Lemurian Quartz Point
  • Scarlet Temple Lemurian Quartz Point
  • Scarlet Temple Lemurian Quartz Point
  • Scarlet Temple Lemurian Quartz Point

Scarlet Temple Lemurian Quartz Point

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Scarlet temple point with window is 3.5 in. tall, 1.25 in wide and weighs 114g

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Scarlet Temple Lemurian Quartz

  • Chakras: Root, Heart, Soul Star
  • Elements: Aether, Water
  • Keywords: * Deep Healing * Soothing * Peace * Divine Feminine Energy * Wisdom * Multidimensional Communication * Dream Recall * Harnesses Excess Emotions * Encourages Focused Integration* Servers Higher Self *
  • Scarlet temple Lemurians are quartz points that are stained pink and red with hematite/iron and can have lithium inclusions. It is a great ally for transmuting lower frequencies and stagnant energies for deep, transformative healing on all levels. It heightens awareness and encourages one to surrender to their divine path with courage and trust. Scarlet temples awaken divine inspirations and connect one to the wisdom of their soul/multidimensional self/higher self. They help one express and balance their Divine feminine nature in an empowered way. Scarlet temples bridge the root chakra with the heart chakra. The heart chakra becomes strengthened and supported by the root and the passions of the heart become more easily grounded into one’s foundation. Since scarlet temples are Lemurians they also hold all the properties of other Lemurian seed crystals. They hold the wisdom of Lemuria, soul knowledge, expanded consciousness, remembrance and unity. 
  • Lemurian Crystal

    • Chakras: Heart, High Heart, Crown & Soul Star
    • Elements: Earth & Air
    • Keywords: * Connection * Remembrance * Unification * Soul Knowledge * Wisdom of Lemuria * Expanded Consciousness * Awareness* Awakening * Intuition *
    • Lemuria is a fabled ancient civilization believed to have existed thousands of years ago. Some believe it sank beneath the Pacific Ocean and became lost in time. It is remembered as a civilization centered around expanded consciousness where a deep understanding of emotional and spiritual intelligence was highlighted. Lemuria is believed to have become before Atlantas and its thought that Atlantis was an attempt to recreate Lemuria except with a more mental centered, inventive and technological approach. 
    • Lemurian crystals are believed to hold the ancient knowledge and consciousness of Lemuria. They embody the energy of unity and help facilitate a connection with your soul memories. They can guide you into discovering the ancient mysteries of your own soul and connect you with your other lives. Their soothing energy is a gentle but powerful healer, especially for traumatic emotional and spiritual wounds. Lemurians resonate with the energy of transcendence and activation to help expand and awaken you to new levels. They help one rise above perceived notions and feelings of isolation, loneliness and separation. 
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